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Veliko Turnovo also know as "The city of Tsars"
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Veliko Turnovo presents its application for European Capital of Culture 2019
The mayor of Veliko Turnovo Daniel Panov together with his colleagues from Sofia
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Veliko Turnovo

Veliko Tarnovo  is a city in north central Bulgaria and the administrative centre of Veliko Tarnovo Province. Often referred to as the „City of the Tsars“, Veliko Tarnovo is located on the Yantra River and is famous as the historical capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire, attracting many tourists with its unique architecture.

The old city is situated on three hills, Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and Sveta Gora raising amidst the meanders of the Yantra. Tsarevets housed the palaces of the Bulgarian Emperors and the Patriarchate, as well as a number of administrative and residential edifices surrounded by thick walls. Trapezitsa was known for its many churches and as the main residence of the nobility. In the Middle Ages it was among the main European centres of culture and gave its name to the Tarnovo Artistic School of architecture, painting and literature.


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