"In union there is strength."

"T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More!"
Team buildings

TeamTime Bulgaria is established by a team of enthusiastic HR specialists with over 15 years extensive experience in the field of human resource management, people development and training.

All materials for the programs and teambuildings we deliver are designed by our experts after thorough needs analysis. This is followed by extensive discussions with the people concerned in the client organizations. We tailor every program to the specific client’s needs.

We would like to present several different entertainment options for the company to choose. 

We offer several solutions as:

"Bulgarian for a day"-The event is a series of national Bulgarian traditions and habits reflected in a funny and amusing way.

"Olympic games" - The event is a funny copy of an Olympiad, which includes sports, cheers and funny events.

 "Garden ghost treasure hunt" - A challenging competition in which each of teams has to follow a line of disguised clues located in the garden, as to find the treasure of the “Garden Ghost” hidden there.

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